Be an MVP….

Be an MVP.

I was fortunate to attend #MCON14 the last few days in Chicago. This conference explores the social impact that is being shaped by Millenials. So many inspiring, enlightening and smart people came together to share their thoughts and experiences.

This quote in particular was said by Martin Edlund (@MNM_Martin), a founding member and CEO of Malaria No More. When asked about how he got to where he is today, he said it wasn’t so much a career path as a career hack. Martin’s advice for how to have a successful career came down to this – “Be an MVP.” He didn’t mean be the most valuable player, but he meant it in the Lean Startup sense of the word – be the minimum viable product. In the Lean Startup way of thinking, an MVP has only the essential core features that are needed for something to go to market. Martin explained that you can’t prepare yourself for future career opportunities that you may not know exist or that currently don’t exist, as life constantly changes. Instead, you should learn as much as you can about what you are currently doing so that you can be successful where you are now, and when you get to the next job or next stage in life when it presents itself, become the MVP for that.

I personally am someone who is constantly planning for and thinking about the future, but I was very impacted by Martin’s sentiment. In reality, there is only so much that you can prepare for and being the MVP of your life simply means living in the moment and being the best you can be now. 


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